How prepared is your business to handle the loss of internet connection, which also impacts hosted phone service?

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  • How prepared is your business to handle the loss of internet connection, which also impacts hosted phone service?

What are your options as a TelTec customer?


When your mission-critical internet goes down, your hosted phone service also is impacted. TelTec Business can help you assess your options to improve your internet service.

Depending upon availability, TelTec may be able to upgrade your office to symmetrical fiber optic internet. Fiber internet is more reliable than typical cable internet, and symmetrical internet offers the same upload and download speeds, starting at 100M/100M and going up to 1 Gigabit. Our pricing is VERY COMPETITIVE, especially when bundled with your existing TelTec phone service.

With fiber internet as your primary internet source, you could use your existing internet provider as a backup, perhaps even downgrading your speed to reduce the backup cost.

We also could explore becoming your backup internet service. Having backup with a company other than your main internet service provider is a sound business practice.  

For either option, we can discuss an automatic failover that would switch to the backup if your primary internet goes down, giving your business seamless continuity during an outage.


The TelTec Mobile App is a powerful tool to ensure seamless continuity and connectivity. Downloading the app on your cell phone allows you to make and receive calls and texts that will appear to be coming from your office number. You control the hours during which calls will ring through on the app.

During an internet outage, you can use the mobile app to direct your voice system to forward calls to the app, which you’ll answer on your cell phone. Once an outage is over, you can switch back to receiving calls on your office phone. If you miss a call, you can access TelTec voicemail through the app.

If you are a current TelTec hosted VoIP customer, you already have access to one app per hosted extension.

If you aren’t a TelTec hosted VoIP customer, we’ll let you try out the app at no cost.

You can download the app here.


During an internet outage, calls will go through to your standard TelTec voicemail. By setting up voicemail to email, voicemail audio files will be forwarded to your email. You can open and listen to the audio file if your email account is accessible on your cell phone.


You can use your cell phone’s hotspot to connect to the internet on your laptop. TelTec’s VoIP services also provide access to our online portal that features a soft phone, from which you can make and receive calls, text and get voicemail messages.

Want to be better prepared for the next internet outage? Have any questions about what you’ve just read?

If so, give us a call at 317-390-8585 or contact us online.

We’re here to help.