Tel Tec Incorporated
At Tel Tec Inc. we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of communication services to clients in and around central Indiana.
About Us
Indiana’s Premier Unified Communications Provider

Tel Tec was founded in 1984 in Central Indiana. Since then it has remained locally owned and operated. In its early days Tel Tec focused its efforts on pulling cable (Cable Runs) and installing small business phone systems connected through Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or analog technology. Through the analog era, Tel Tec provided answering machines, fax services, and Public Communications.

Tel Tec’s involvement in public communications marked its beginning as a communications provider. With over 1500 public communication telephones in the state of Indiana, it was a master distributor and fine-tuned its knowledge of regulations and call rating. Digital technologies were developed, and Tel Tec stayed focused on what this meant for communications. Voicemail and email made their debut, and regulations and call ratings changed.  Tel Tec’s involvement with public communications garnered it a seat at the table to become a Certified Local Exchange Carrier.

To be an advocate for our customers, provide them options, as a mission critical vendor

To liberate business owners from the grasps of a monopolized service industry.

Regulated by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Tel Tec is a Hoosier story of innovation and perseverance into the 21st century. Today Tel Tec is an expert local provider of Unified Communications and integrates the technologies and services available to most enhance small business and organization functions. Blends of analog Technologies and digital technologies give our customers options. We hope to become your communications single point of contact.

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