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Business Voice Services
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Crystal clear HD quality voice services and solutions for your business needs.

Business voice services are business-critical solutions for businesses of all sizes. Business voice enhances communication between a company and its clients, partners, and employees. By partnering with TelTec, you will receive business voice services and solutions to enhance communication within your businesses and ensure that your company delivers on its promises.

Our voice services and solutions offer an array of features that streamline communication, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. You won’t just receive one option – our team will work with your business to find voice service options that are tailored to your business needs and budget, allowing you to choose the level of service you desire.

Why Do You Need Reliable Business VoIP Providers?

Reliable business VoIP providers can help you improve your business communication systems. As a leading business VoIP service provider, we offer scalable and flexible solutions that cater to your specific business needs. When you choose TelTec business VoIP solutions, you will receive high-quality voice and data services, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing. 

Partner with us for reliable and efficient VoIP service for business.

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Business Voice Services and Solutions
Business VoIP Providers

About TelTec Business VoIP Service

TelTec is a leading business VoIP provider offering reliable and scalable solutions. Our services cater to businesses of all sizes. We provide a range of features such as hosted  VoIP, on-premise voice system solutions, and a hybrid system that incorporates the best features of hosted VoIP and an on-premise phone system. 

Some features of our business voice services and solutions include:

  • User-friendly voice solutions and helpful customer support for your business
  • Hosted VoIP for business that caters to the specific needs of businesses
  • High-quality voice and data services that are secure, reliable, and scalable
  • Customized solutions that cater to unique business requirements

In addition to these features, our VoIP business services also include:

  • The TelTec Mobile App for handling business calls and texts on the go

  • TelTec’s online portal to make calls and send texts through your computer

  • Voicemail to email services
  • eFax services
  • Auto attendant to answer and route incoming calls
  • Easy call scheduling during and after hours

  • Call queues 
  • Features for hybrid and remote office plans


What is VoIP Service for Business?2023-10-03T06:46:00+00:00

Business VoIP services are a communication system that uses the internet to transmit voice and data. VoIP enables businesses to communicate effectively with clients, customers, and employees. Features provided by VoIP service providers for business include call forwarding, voicemail to email, auto attendants, conference calling, and more. These features help to enhance communication and improve business efficiency. 

Is VoIP Good for Small Businesses?2023-08-23T08:01:17+00:00

VoIP systems for small business provide an excellent communication solution. Small businesses benefit from the features that VoIP offers, such as call forwarding, voicemail to email, and conference calling. Our services are also cost effective and scalable so you have more flexibility as your business grows. In addition to this, you receive user-friendly solutions that can be integrated easily with other business applications.

How Do Small Businesses Use VoIP?2023-10-03T06:10:32+00:00

Small businesses can use VoIP in many ways to increase efficiency. Most small businesses use voice services and solutions to communicate and target new clients and customers. Remote and hybrid teams in particular benefit from VoIP features such as the TelTec Mobile App and auto attendants to enhance customer service. Small businesses can also use VoIP to reduce costs associated with communication and hire additional staff to meet communication needs. They can do this by integrating VoIP services with other business applications such as CRM systems, email, and more.

Don’t settle with providers who offer limited options or try to force you into “packaged solutions” to give you a “discount.” As a leading VoIP provider for business in Indiana, you can rely on TelTec for scalable, flexible and competitively priced solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses.

Can I set up automated Answering Rules and call flows?2023-08-23T06:35:45+00:00

Call flow automation is possible by utilizing Answering Rules and Time Frames.

What functions are available in my Voicemail inbox?2023-06-20T08:58:35+00:00

Many features are available from within the Voicemail inbox. You can forward messages, fast forward through messages, or even send voice messages to other users’ inboxes.

Can I have voicemails transcribed to my email?2023-08-23T06:34:42+00:00

Voicemail transcription is a supported and free feature with standard Unified Communication accounts.

To enable this feature, first login to the Portal. Once logged in, click the Messages button at the top and select the Settings tab. In the Unified Messaging section, select the desired voicemail behavior in the Email Notification dropdown, and select VoiceBase from the Voicemail Transcription dropdown.

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